Turkey River Safari 2019





Location: Turkey River Corridor
Description: Welcome to the  Turkey River Safari!
From Memorial Day to Labor Day, this is a summer-long adventure that will take you and your family to new and favorite places throughout the Turkey River Corridor.  Register below. After you have registered, a form will be emailed to you, print that form, and take it to any of the following locations:

West Union Public Library
Clermont Public Library
Elgin Public Library
Elkader Public Library
Gilbertson Nature Center (Elgin)
Osborne Welcome Center (Elkader)

You and your family will be outfitted with a FREE Safari guidebook and map for the Turkey River Corridor Summer Safari. Let the adventure BEGIN!

You can view and download the Safari guidebook HERE if you want to get a head start!

Start Date: Memorial Day 2019
End Date: Labor Day 2019

Register below!


If you are interested in sponsoring this program please contact Mallory Hanson at 563-864-7112 or mallory@northeastiowarcd.org!